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Agile Actors

Agile Actors is a people first, learning ecosystem where professionals are the product owners of the most valuable product; themselves. We strive to be the environment of choice for ambitious and talented tech professionals by cultivating a culture of continuous development, where they can find guidance, coaching and personal development, according to their personal objectives whilst working on the latest cutting edge technologies on real projects for real customers.

More about Agile Actors

Who we are and what we do

Having a Purpose. Being Adventurous. Being Agile, Respect & Empower. Trust. We build business relationships with customers who provide an exciting and dynamic environment in which our ambitious and talented tech professionals can excel. Through our culture of continuous growth and development, practice on real projects, and learning, we strive to unlock our professionals' full potential and drive the future of technologies.

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The Agile Actors Experience

Be part of the ultimate people-centric culture with cutting edge technologies at the focus. Join our ever-growing Team of tech professionals and build stronger technical and key skills, as well as long-lasting relationships. Don't just choose your next job, choose the Agile Actors experience!

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Continuous Coaching, Practice and Learning

We are a coaching and learning organisation. Our bespoke Coaching model sets the foundation for collaboration and mutually beneficial support, setting personalized development plans toward continuous growth and development! Internal and external courses on the latest technologies, as well as on fundamental key (soft) skills, ensure our professionals' up-to-date expertise in a rapidly evolving industry, whilst implementation there of, guarantees relevant experience and know how.

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