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Ramona Schwering

Developer Advocate @ Okta


You shall not pass!? A short story of customizable login experiences

Speaking on 14:35 at Lower ground cinema
Whether we’re there or only know it from the media, sometimes bouncers guide entry, e.g. to a club or a conference. “You shall not pass” is a quote you might have heard of. Our web application might also have bouncers - granting entry to projected pages or not. However, this is not the typical authentication journey you might expect: Join me on a small but delightful journey to train the bouncer by using a customized authentication - from the eyes of the developer building it. Customizing login experiences doesn’t need to be a drag, after all.


Ramona is working as a Developer Advocate at Auth0. She is also a software engineer with roots in quality assurance. She owns both views of the product - that of a tester and a developer. Ramona primarily uses this to strengthen trust in test automation and support the testers and developers alike, becoming a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, Women Techmaker Ambassador, and Cypress ambassador.