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Marta Vasconcelos

Engineering manager @ SingleStore


What I Wish I Had Known About Frontend User Tracking

Speaking on 14:15 at Lower ground cinema
Adding analytics to user interfaces is an often underrated challenge of building frontend web applications. While it is simple enough to track a few different user events, scaling this to thousands of events (with varying properties), across multiple domains and integrating with different analytics tools is not easy. In this talk, we'll go into the depths of having proper coverage for user analytics in frontend apps. The end goal is to maximize the potential of user data, as it is a very important part of the decision-making process for product development. Of course, we'll do all this whilst respecting the different regulations around user privacy.


Marta Vasconcelos is a software engineer who has been working at SingleStore for the past three years. Leveraging her design background and Master’s degree in software engineering, her journey through software development led to a deep appreciation for user experience, PLG, and product analytics, driven by her dedication to building top-notch products. When Marta is not coding, she is either running, hiking with her dog, or learning to sew. She also loves to read a good non-fiction book, ideally on a flight to a new destination!