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Elian Van Cutsem

Community Engineer @ The Astro Technology Company


Astro Studio: All Secrets revealed

Speaking on 12:25 at Lower ground cinema
In this talk, we'll explore the newly released Astro Studio and Astro DB, and how they can be used to build and deploy full-stack web applications with Astro. Astro DB is the all new and powerfull database platform for content-first websites and web applications. The simple, yet powerful platform and can be used to store and retrieve data in Astro applications, while still having all control and power of regular Astro applications.


As part of the Astro core team, Elian works in the Developer Experience team specifically focusing on user experience, documentation, and developer guidance. After hours, he organises and attends meetups. Known for his passion, puns, and innovative approach to delivering exceptional user experiences, Elian brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creativity to his talks. Guaranteed fun on stage.