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Georgios Diamantopoulos

Zero to MVP


Miss the forest for the trees: How frontend developers fail to be engineers

Speaking on 16:30 at ETraveli
Think of your favourite framework. Is it React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, Solid, something else? Go back to the time when you decided to work with this framework. What was the reason? Is it quantifiable? You would think that as professionals in an engineering discipline we decide on our tools and materials based on a thorough analysis with clear and quantifiable metrics - do we? This talk will discuss how many of us end up with framework fatigue and what we can do to make software, engineering again. Plus, a short comparison of frameworks and categorization of their features.


As an engineer, Georgios prides himself for being pragmatic and a generalist - engineering at its best is meant to bring an intention to life. To build a system that fulfills specific requirements over time. With over 12 years of experience working with or for startup organizations, he really knows what it takes to kickstart a project without sacrificing long-term goals like maintainability or scalability. Since he co-founded Zero to MVP in 2019, Georgios and his team have built over 25 systems that can pivot and scale.