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Erick Wendel



Let's recreate the Node.js test runner from scratch

Speaking on 13:45 at Lower ground cinema
Imagine understanding the inner workings of how your tests are executed. In this session, I'll go beyond the surface and rebuild a simpler version of the Node.js test runner, unveiling the power of asyncHooks. Together, we'll explore how asyncHooks, one of the most potent APIs in Node.js, tracks async contexts and reports errors. Follow along as I demonstrate step-by-step the process of recreating a test runner, providing valuable insights into the mechanisms that ensure the reliability of your tests. Takeaways: - Understanding Test Runner Internals - Power of asyncHooks - Building a Test Runner from Scratch - Error Reporting in Asynchronous Environments


Erick Wendel is an active Node.js core committer, Keynote Speaker, and professional educator. He has given over 100 tech talks in more than 10 different countries worldwide. He was awarded as a Node.js Specialist with the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, and GitHub Stars awards. Erick Wendel has trained more than 100K people around the world in his own company https://erickwendel.com