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Aristeidis Bampakos

GDE Angular


Deep dive to Angular 18

Speaking on 09:15 at Main amphitheatre
In this talk, we will get an overview of the latest updates and new features that were introduced in Angular 18 release.


Aristeidis Bampakos works as a Web Development Team Leader at Plex-Earth, specializing in developing web applications using Angular. He has been a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Angular since 2020. Aristeidis is passionate about helping the developer community learn and grow. His love for teaching has led him to become an award-winning author of Learning Angular and Angular Projects books. In his spare time, he enjoys being an occasional speaker in meetups, conferences, and podcasts where he talks about Angular. He is currently leading the effort of making Angular accessible to the Greek development community by maintaining the open-source Greek translation of the official Angular documentation.