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Vladi Stevanovic



Engineering Real-Time Collaboration

Speaking on 07:55 at Lower ground cinema
In today's digital landscape, the most successful apps aren't just tools; they're collaborative platforms where ideas merge and evolve in real time. Think Figma, Miro, Canva, and Notion - they've set a new standard, turning collaboration from a feature into a fundamental expectation. This talk will guide you through integrating real-time collaborative tech into your JavaScript app, using a lean and open-source tech stack. Elevate your app from a tool to a collaborative platform, enhancing user experience and driving growth.


Director of Community at Multiplayer, with 10+ years of experience in building developer communities and enablement. Previously leading customer success at Prisma and MongoDB. Interested in all things system design, distributed systems, and software architecture. You can usually find Vladi working on her couch surrounded by dogs.