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Önder Ceylan

IKIGAI Ventures, GDE


WebAssembly Revolution: Elevating JavaScript's Reach and Performance

Speaking on 12:00 at Lower ground cinema
Discover the transformative power of WebAssembly (Wasm) in enhancing JavaScript applications. This talk unveils how Wasm brings unparalleled efficiency, safety, and versatility to web development, extending JavaScript's capabilities beyond traditional boundaries.


Önder is an award-winning technical leader with experience designing, planning and implementing software solutions at scale for clients that are active in Travel, Media, IT-sourcing, E-commerce, Healthcare, Airline, SaaS and Finance industries since late 90s. JavaScript and web has always been his passion and nowadays he enjoys it at its full while working as an independent contractor. He believes in team work and he shares his knowledge with the communities as a co-organise, speaker and trainer. He's also interested in photography, movies and dancing.