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Sylwia Vargas



Improving app performance by using background jobs

Speaking on 13:10 at Main amphitheatre
This talk offers a gentle introduction to a new paradigm of durable workflows by walking the audience through a common use case: user onboarding email campaign. I’ll show how the DIY approaches tend to be slow and unreliable — or require significant investment of resources. Instead, by embracing background jobs you can deliver a great User Experience and stress-free ops. More and more companies favor short development cycles and lean approach to headcount. Being able to own entire business workflows end-to-end turns (formerly) front-end teams into empowered product teams.


Sylwia (pronounced “Sylvia”) runs Developer Relations at Inngest. She's a front-end developer, a tech writer, and an educator. Aside from tech, she loves books, pierogi, pigeons, and plants.