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Katerina Skroumpelou

Elevating Your Monorepo: The Nx Transformation

Speaking on 09:15 at Lower ground cinema
Discover the transformative journey from a basic NPM workspace monorepo to a dynamic, efficient ecosystem powered by Nx. This talk will outline the step-by-step process of integrating Nx to address the limitations of traditional monorepos, leveraging its advanced features like intelligent caching, distributed task execution, and Nx Cloud. We'll demonstrate how Nx not only enhances your development workflow but also elevates it with powerful plugins and seamless CI integration for optimized builds. Learn how to make your monorepo "smart" with Nx, ensuring a more productive, collaborative, and scalable development environment.


Senior Software Engineer at Nrwl, Nx core team, open source contributor, GDE for Angular/Web Technologies/Google Maps platform, AngularAthens meetup and RevApp co-founder. Mentoring women into tech, speaking about the cool things I do, climbing mountains and serving cats for life. More at psyber.city.