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Craig Spence

Craig Spence

Senior Architect at HeroDevs


Advanced Typescript Workshop

Level up your professional development in 2024 with a in-depth one-day workshop covering the TypeScript type system. Explore the type-system in depth including: primitives, objects, functions, type aliases, any, unknown, never, type guards, assertion guards, type coercion, discriminated unions, conditional types, mapped types, template literal types, and a whole bunch more. Come along and learn all about the power of TypeScript, and when to use it (and when to not!) ✨


Craig is a Software Engineer from New Zealand, currently travelling the world, working as a Senior Architect at Hero Devs! He's an Angular GDE, and he loves using all kinds of technologies to build cool things that help teams build cool things! He also loves punk rock, Disney's Frozen, and his cat Cosy.

CityJS Athens 2024, 6-8 June 2024
One day Conference and 2 Days of Warm up events