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Katerina and Fanis

Katerina and Fanis



Angular 18 and NX: The Board Game Hoard

In this workshop we'll be building a store for a fictional board game company called "The Board Game Hoard".
We're going to be using Nx and some of its plugins to accelerate the development of this application.
Some of the things you'll learn:
-Generating a pristine Nx workspace -Generating frontend Angular apps and backend APIs inside your workspace, with pre-configured proxies - Creating shared libs for re-using code - Generating new routed components with all the lazily loaded routes pre-configured by Nx and ready to go - How to organize code in a monorepo - Easily move libs around your folder structure - Creating Storybook stories and E2E Cypress tests for your components - How to set boundaries between the different scopes in your project - Write automated source code generators for common tasks in your workspace - Set-up CI workflows for your Pull Requests - Add distributed caching - Set up the NxCloud GitHub integration - Write advanced deployment targets using the run-commands executor - Set up Continuous Deployment systems that deploy only the affected projects


Katerina Skroumpelou
Senior Software Engineer at Nrwl, Nx core team, open source contributor, GDE for Angular/Web Technologies/Google Maps platform, AngularAthens meetup and RevApp co-founder. Mentoring women into tech, speaking about the cool things I do, climbing mountains and serving cats for life. More at psyber.city.
Fanis Prodromou
Fanis is a Senior Front-End Developer, Google Developer Expert for Angular, and Content Creator with a passion for sharing his knowledge and helping other developers. He has developed vast experience in code quality, application architecture, and application performance, and is always looking for new ways to improve the development process. Fanis is also a strong advocate for staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and regularly attends conferences and meetups to learn from other experts.

CityJS Athens 2024, 6-8 June 2024
One day Conference and 2 Days of Warm up events