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Erick Wendel

Erick Wendel



NodeJS Masterclass

In this workshop attendees will learn how to create a complete Web API application. They'll learn fundamental concepts of testing, debugging, error handling and common design patterns for Node.js apps that would apply to any kind of applications.
- Debugging Node.js apps like a boss
- ⁠Testing using the native Node.js test runner
- ⁠ ⁠Creating Web APIs with no frameworks
- ⁠Best practices for error handling
-⁠ ⁠Understanding Node.js streams and how to process data on demand


Erick Wendel is an active Node.js core committer, Keynote Speaker, and professional educator. He has given over 100 tech talks in more than 10 different countries worldwide. He was awarded as a Node.js Specialist with the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft MVP, and GitHub Stars awards. Erick Wendel has trained more than 100K people around the world in his own company https://erickwendel.com

CityJS Athens 2024, 6-8 June 2024
One day Conference and 2 Days of Warm up events